Man Harassing Chitral Women in Viral Video Arrested by Female Police


PESHAWAR: The man harassing women as seen in the viral video in Chitral has been arrested by female police.

The man who can be seen harassing women in Kalash valley, Chitral, was detained by lady police.

The man identified as Aimal Khan was trying to take pictures and make video of the women in the valley. The women tried to stop the harassment of the man but he did not stop and kept filming the video. After which the females hid their faces to avoid being filmed and started walking faster.

The video had lately caused uproar on social media with people demanding action against the perpetrator.

The arrest was confirmed by DPO Chitral Mansoor Aman, who told media that the man was arrested in Peshawar. He told that the reason he ordered the lady police to detain the harasser was to show him that women of Chitral are not weak.

Earlier on the DPO had issued a release regarding facts of the case. The statement read that the video was shot two years ago, uploaded on 19th July 2016. The women harassed in the video did not file a formal complaint of the harasser.

The statement also read that the police tracked down the women to file an FIR for the case. The suspect who had claimed that he was from the police, does not belong to the force. If proven he does belong to the police the punishment will be more severe.

The release also stated that help from the Cyber Crime Wing of FIA has also been requested to track the profile of the man.

To make sure such incidents of sexual harassment do not occur, a Women and Children Support Center has been formed in Chitral. An anti-harassment unit consisting men and women of Kalash will deal with these cases in future.


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