Maryam Aurangzeb Explains What ‘Aliens’ Are While Talking to Media


LAHORE: PML-N leader and Minister of Information and Broadcast, Maryam Aurangzeb explained the term ‘alien’ used by her party recently. She said that these are people in disguise who have sent 13 Prime Ministers and Presidents home.

While talking to the media, Maryam Aurangzeb said that these ‘aliens’ have manipulated the mandate of people since a long time. She added that these are the very people who have sent reigning prime ministers packing for home since 70 years.

While talking about the recent NAB probe into laundering of $4.9 billion into India by Nawaz Sharif, she said that its a shameful act. She said that NAB was slandering mud on the former Prime Minister against all evidence. Aurangzeb added that setting an inquiry on false media reports is a shameful act by NAB chairman. Continuing, she said that even World Bank has clarified its has not used terms laundering or taken names of individuals or states.

Talking about the accountability court hearing of Sharif family she said not one penny worth corruption proved so far. She said that in all 6 references, none prove that the former premiere has done any corruption. She added that the only crime Nawaz Sharif has committed is to be the most popular leader of Pakistan. Minister Information said that these corruption charges are a vendetta against Nawaz Sharif.

Giving her views of elections she said that Nawaz Sharif will get the vote of the people in upcoming elections. Maryam Aurangzeb targeted Imran Khan and said that he only hurls allegations on others in his rallies. She said its because his party has not done anything notable thing to mention in the gatherings so all he does is blame others.


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