MILGEM: Turkey starts building naval warship for Pakistan


As per Turkish media, Turkey will develop a naval warship for Pakistan named MILGEM.

In a ceremony, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan introduced a new initiative for building up MILGEM, naval warship for Pakistan Navy and the development of TCG Kinaliada (naval warship for Turkey Navy).

Furthermore, Erdogan also addressed in the ceremony that; Worldwide Turkey is included in one of the top ten countries that is being able to develop, maintain and design ships for wartime purposes by using best and latest national and domestic means.

He also added that; the main motive behind the construction of naval ships in Pakistan is to provide enough benefits for Pakistan navy and Turkish navy. Apart from that; Pakistani navy also signed an agreement for the purchasing of four MILGEM from Turkey.

Lastly, President Erdogan also appreciated its navy and as well as promised to take possible steps for the future development in Turkish navy sector.


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