Minors’ Bodies Who Drowned At Gadani Beach Recovered


GADANI: Two minors, who had drowned along with others, had their bodies recovered as rescue operations resumed on Saturday morning.

A family picnic went awfully bad when 17 people of the same family drowned off a beach in Gadani. 11 people had been rescued successfully, however; bodies of four women had been recovered. Rescue operations had halted on Friday at night due to lack of vision in the dark.

Rescue operations resumed to look for the bodies of two minors on Saturday morning. The total death count after the bodies of the minors were recovered reached to 6.

People often end up drowning in the sea due to negligence and at times due to  incidents. People who come to river shores, streams and sea side to bath and enjoy the waters end up drowning. Either its because of lack of knowledge of swimming or sudden weather change causing high tide and fast flow of water.

Earlier on, news of two boys drowning at Sandspit was reported on the second day of Eid-ul-Fitr. The youth named Osama, 22, and Faraz, 19, were on a trip to the beach for the festive days of Eid.


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