MM Alam Death Anniversary: Pakistanis are paying tribute to national hero


Whole Pakistan is paying tribute to MM Alam on his sixth death anniversary.

MM Alam death anniversary is being celebrated today. In 1965 India Pakistan War, MM Alam shot down 5 fighter jets within a minute. He encountered Indian aircrafts at 3 different points.

He did a great job as in less than 60 seconds, 5 military Indian Air Force war planes were downed one after another by Alam as he hit targets flying his Seber-86 jet. In recognition of his extraordinary aerial defence show and skills, MM Alam was awarded titles like Falcon and Little Dragon.

During the Indo-Pak War, he completely destroyed 11 Indian jets on different points from which 9 were completely annihilated while 2 were partially damaged.

He was also awarded the 3rd highest military honor of ‘Sitara-e-Jurrat’. MM Alam died on March 17, 2013, after a prolonged illness and is buried at the Shuhda Qabiristan at PAF Base Masroor Karachi.


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