Pakistan Elections 2018 – More Than Dozen Transgenders to Contest in Upcoming Election


Islamabad: Around 13 transgenders have decided to contest in Pakistan elections 2018.

After a bill regarding transgenders rights was passed from the assembly, they are going to contest elections in the Pakistan elections 2018. More than a dozen of them have seem to have registered as candidates for contesting elections.

13 transgenders have announced to contest in elections, out of them only 2 will contest for seat of National Assembly. Rest of them are to contest for seats of the Provincial Assembly.

The transgenders announced this at a national consultation organised by All Pakistan Transgender Election Network (APTEN) in collaboration with the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

In the meeting names of the people who are to contest in Pakistan elections 2018 was also announced: Arzu Khan (PK-33), Lubna (PP-26), Komal (PP-38), Madam Bhutto (PP-189), Nayab (NA-142), Ashee (Candidate from Punjab) , Farzana Riaz (NA-33) and others.

The consultation was held to discuss future course of actions, concerns and other matters between these transgenders. Most of them had problems regarding the gender section on their CNIC which mentioned them as males. They said they were mentioned as males while their appearance is that of a female.

Additional Director General (Gender Affairs) Nighat Siddique said, “In upcoming electoral process, Election Commission will ensure friendly and inclusive system for the transgenders not only as voters but also as candidates.”


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