MQM-P Joint Rally at Liaquatabad: Preparations on Peak for Tonight


KARACHI: MQM-P joint rally is to be held today in Liaquatabad area, the party’s stronghold. Preparations are underway, with party flags and banners filling the rally ground.

THe MQM-P joint rally, which is to be held at Tanki Ground of Liaquatabad is said to be in response of PPP rally in the same place. A few days ago Khalid Maqbool, MQM-P Bahadurabad wing chairman, held a press conference in which he announced the rally.

He spoke of his reservations against Bilawal Bhutto Zardari who had targeted MQM-P in the PPP rally speech. Khalid said that he had thought that PPP was going to announce some relief to the people of Karachi. He said that, Muhajir nation have been persecuted in the interior and they would not stand for it anymore. PPP chose to criticize MQM-P, the party which is responsible for making the city what it is today.

Both factions of MQM-P have joined hands for a power show to dismiss the claims that Karachi has rejected MQM-P. While outside the Anti Terrorist Court today, Farooq Sattar, Chairman MQM-P PIB, also claimed that this rally is also a protest for the current power and water situation of the city. He said that PPP did not even know that the water tank at the ground it had held rally was empty.

Visiting the rally grounds to check on preparations in the morning, MQM-P PIB Wing Leader, Amir Khan spoke to the media. He said that today’s rally will be one of the biggest shows of power. Amir said that PPP only made Muhajir unite and we will show that the people of Karachi still back us.

The party grounds seem to be filled with flags and banners and preparations are underway. However; it seems the differences between both the parties have not decreased even under these circumstances. Both factions are going to be bringing separates rallies and join up in the Tanki Ground of Liaquatabad.


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