Is MQM Leader Former MPA Haider Abbas Rizvi an Uber Driver?


KARACHI: Haider Abbas Rizvi is a former MPA of Sindh Assembly and Leader of MQM. But is he really taxi service, Uber driver in Canada?

Pictures of the MQM Leader Haider Abbas Rizvi and his Uber profile have surfaced all over the social media network.

It has created a lot of fuss over whether is this even authentic or not. Some even are praising the leader for earning an honest living while others are making fun and posting hateful comments.

People have taken it to twitter to voice their opinions and feelings about this. Some people had positive feedback on the news of the former MPA driving an Uber taxi.

Then there are some people who are talking about the fall of the leader from ruling the country to now driving an Uber.

Haider Abbas Rizivi is the former deputy parliamentary leader of MQM in the National Assembly of Pakistan. He has been a senior politician for the MQM but recently he was away from media for the last few months.


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