Multi-Billion Dollar Pakistan Russia Arms Deal will be Signed Soon


Pakistan has shown interest in signing a Pakistan Russia arms deal which will tie knots between both the countries.

The deal is expected to amount $9 billion under which Islamabad would purchase heavy and medium fighter jets, combat helicopters, tanks, medium and short-range air defence systems, and warships.

This news of Pakistan Russia arms deal is however not been confirmed by Pakistan till now but, it is said that Russia is going to get favourable terms on the purchase agreements.

Makienko said that Pakistan has not extended any request of technology transfer for as terms for the purchase contract.

Makeinko also revealed that two types of Russian military hardware can make Pakistan’s shopping list, i.e., the new Russian fighter jet MiG-35 and the heavy transport helicopter Mi 26T2.

From 2008 to 2018, Pakistan has got weapons worth over $6.4 billion from China which, therefore, China becomes the biggest military equipment supplier in South Asia. The US comes second with $2.5 billion in weapons supply.

China and Russia are said to be competing for the military selling market. China has been granting certain favours along the arms deals to become a permanent supplier.


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