NAB challenged Flagship, Al Azizia reference verdicts in IHC


National Accountability Bureau or NAB challenged Flagship, Al Azizia reference verdicts in the Islamabad High Court or IHC today.

In IHC, NAB challenged Flagship Al Azizia reference verdicts given by Accountability Court against Nawaz Sharif on December 24.

Earlier today, Al Azizia reference verdict challenging appeal filed by Nawaz Sharif is returned by IHC. In addition, IHC registrar showed his reservation over the appeal. However, registrar returned it and ordered that it should be filed again after the addressing of reservations.

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However, Nawaz Sharif convicted for 7 years in the Al Azizia reference and acquitted from the Flagship Investment case. Accountability Court announced the verdict and he is arrested from the court after the announcement of the verdict. In addition, the court also ordered him to pay $25 million.

In August, the verdict against Sharif family is announced and petition against the suspension of Avenfield verdict is dismissed. Justice Shahid Waheed, Justice Shahid Jameel Khan, and Justice Aatir Mehmood announced the verdict against Sharif family.


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