Naib Qasid emerged as owner of multimillion rupee company in Sindh


Sindh Health Ministry’s junior ranked employee turned out to be the owner of company which has a worth of millions.

FBR found Naib Qasid of Sindh Health Ministry as the owner of multimillion rupee company. In addition, Federal Bureau of Revenue also charged him for tax evasion.

After the recent wave of fake account cases across Pakistan, now the government employee emerged as the owner of fake multimillion rupee company.  The health ministry worker is identified as Muhammad Zahid Nawaz, turned out as the owner of fake company. However, he claimed to be unaware of that company.

The authorities sent Naib Qasid Muhammad Zahid Nawaz the income tax bill of Rs160 million. However, FBR also began the proceedings against the accused. In addition, his current salaried bank account is also freezed. Earlier, he reached the Sindh High Court to prove his innocence.

Yesterday, The mastermind of fake accounts case and money laundering case, Aslam Masood, arrested by Interpol from Jeddah.

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The Interpol arrested him when he arrived at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia from London. According to sources, he is believed to be the mastermind behind the money laundering of over Rs100 billion outside Pakistan. In addition, he is also the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Omni Group.


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