Nandipur Case: CJP criticized former NAB chairman for pending inquiries


Supreme Court of Pakistan resumed the Nandipur case hearing today that was reopened yesterday.

CJP Saqib Nisar is hearing the Nandipur Case in Supreme Court. He is leading the three member bench for the case. However, he severely criticized the former NAB chariman for the pending inquiries.

During the hearing, NAB prosecutor elaborated to court that the Nandipur case inquiry was pending. However, CJP inquired that since when the inquiry is in pending.

NAB prosecutor replied that court began the inquiry in February 2017 but law ministry delayed it by 2 years. However, the inquiry is in last stages.

CJP Saqib Nisar said that they have to analyze that who is the culprit behind the Nandipur Power Project case pending inquiries. The hearing is currently underway.

Yesterday, Supreme Court reopened the high profile Nandipur case and scheduled the hearing on Thursday (today). In 2005, Nandipur power project was established for the generation of 525MW electricity. Its initial cost is Rs 22 billion that was later increased by Rs 58 billion due to subsequent delays.


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