Nation Pays Tribute to Martyrs on Pakistan Navy Day Today


Pakistan Navy Day is being celebrated today to pay tribute to the martyrs of 1965 war.

Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi in his message to the nation on Pakistan Navy Day, said, “Pakistan Navy commemorates this day to pay tributes to our ghazis and war heroes whose sacrifices and gallant acts instill in us a renewed spirit and abating resolve.”

The naval chief added, “This day calls for rekindling the spirit and sacrifice of the daring acts of our officers and men.”

He further added, “Today Pakistan is facing a myriad of security challenges on internal and external fronts.”

“On the internal front, certain anti-Pakistan players seek to disturb peace and harmony in our country. Armed forces of Pakistan are at the forefront in eradicating such elements from the country. Pakistan Navy is also playing its due role as part of operation Radd-ul-Fassad in collaboration with Pakistan Army, PAF and other law enforcement agencies,” he added.

Moreover, the naval chief said, “September 8, 1965, would remain a golden chapter in Pakistan’s naval history and continue to inspire its new generation of officers and sailors.”

“We stand committed to keeping the spirit of September 8, 1965, alive and pledge to defend our sea frontiers with unflinching resolve, devotion and commitment,” he added.

Pakistan Navy Day is celebrated to pay homage and tribute to the ghazis of Operation Dwarka 1965, who destroyed radar installation at Indian coastal town Dwarka.

Pakistan Navy Day also commemorates the courage and bravery of PNS Ghazi who embraced martyrdom while performing a mining mission at Indian coastal city Visakhapatnam.


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