National Security Threat List: US Removes Pakistan’s Name


The US finally removed Pakistan’s name from the National security threat list for the first time in history.

The US council of foreign affairs took the decision but the reason behind this is unknown. Pakistan”s foreign policy is seemingly improving to tie knots with the global players including the US.

The US maintains national security threat list in which Pakistan was included from decades but this year the US has removed the name of Pakistan because US foreign policy has changed recently which bodes well for Pakistan.

Recently, the United States acknowledged Pakistan’s role in the peace dialogue between the US, Afghanistan government and the Taliban.

Pakistan had a tainted image in the eyes of international think tanks. However, the efforts of Pakistan’s government and security forces are bearing fruit with the number of terrorist incidents decreasing significantly.

Tourism is on the rise and foreigners are now deeming it a safe country to travel as compared to the past decade or so.


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