Nawabshah May Become The Hottest City On Earth


Nawabshah may become the hottest city on earth as temperature increased to 50.2 Degree Centigrade on Monday.

However, it might be the highest measured temperature in April on the Earth. A tweet claimed that the recorded temperature was the highest in April not just in Pakistan but in entire Asia.

However, Dr. Ghulam Rasool, Pakistan Meteorological Department Director General, also confirmed the news. Different global weather extreme experts are also considering it the hottest recorded temperature. An international report suggested that researchers may never definitely say that Nawabshah’s recorded temperature is a world record for April. It is because the WMO or World Meteorological Organisation does not usually conduct monthly temperature extremes reviews.

In addition, the high temperature along with several hours of load-shedding resulted in the fainting of several people in Nawabshah. In addition, it is also the second consecutive month in which the city has set a temperature record for the country.


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