Nawaz Sharif Asks NAB Chairman To Resign Over Unfair Accusations


Former PM Nawaz Sharif demanded NAB Chief Javed Iqbal to resign from his position.

Nawaz Sharif said that Javed Iqbal should resign from his post due to his false money laundering allegations against him. However, a few days back, NAB accused Nawaz Sharif of the $4.9 billion money laundering to India.

The former PM elaborated that the money inquiry initiated against him on the basis of just a column published in a local newspaper. He also read the NAB press release and demonstrated that how the NAB Chairman did his character assassination. Nawaz further added that his name was not even included in the Panama Papers. However, the case was initiated against him that is the worst chapter in Pakistan’s history. He also thanked the Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi for highlighting the issue in the parliament.

Nawaz Sharif also gave his opinion on his statement about aliens (khalai makhlooq). He said that aliens are operating the country from 70 years and they will be defeated this by the democratic forces.


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