Nawaz Sharif: NSC Meeting Should Be Called Over Ex-ISI Chief’s Book


ISLAMABAD: While talking to media outside Accountability Court, Nawaz Sharif said that an emergency NSC meeting should be summoned over the book of Former ISI Chief, Asad Durani which he co-authored with his Indian Counterpart, Ex-RAW Chief AS Dulat.

The former chief of Inter Services Intelligence ( ISI ), Asad Durani, has co-authored a book with AS Dulat the ex-Raw chief. This has created quite a spur in the media due to the nature of both the authors and the countries they worked for. Nawaz Sharif used this moment to target the book written by Asad Durrani and AS Dulat.

Both Pakistan and India have been under tense relations after continuous violation of ceasefire at the border and Kashmir issue. And now as of late the recent Kulbhushan Jadhav case is also making rounds in media. So for the former chiefs of both rival countries’ Spy agencies to author a book is a controversial thing indeed.

Nawaz Sharif was of the view that a NSC meeting should be summoned over the book of Asad Durrani. He wants the civil-military body to discuss the content of the book in the same manner as his own statements were discussed.

Nawaz Sharif had given a statement which alleged Pakistan’s involvement in Mumbai terror attack of 2008. After which Indian media had manipulated his statements. An NSC meeting was called where the civil-military officials had condemned Nawaz’s statement and denied the claims.


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