Nawaz Sharif Says Those Who Deserve Punish Being Acquitted


ISLAMABAD: Nawaz Sharif, while talking to media, has said that those who are being acquitted are those who deserve punish. He pointed towards the verdict of ATC in Imran Khan’s acquittal in the SSP attack case.

Nawaz Sharif said that those who dont deserve punish are being summoned to court, while those that do are being acquitted. He added that the court books our party members for contempt and wants to punish more people.

While talking about his disqualification, he said that the ones who gave people motorways and electricity are being disqualified. He added that his belief in the system is waning as to how will this system conduct transparent and clean elections.

While talking about Imran Khan’s statement about delay in elections he said that the general elections will be held on time. He added that no matter what happens we will not allow and delay in the elections.

Nawaz Sharif said that Imran Khan follows the instructions of the umpire. He said that Imran wants delay in elections because he knows he wont get people’s votes.


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