Nayyar Hayat dismissed from the post of PIA CFO


Karachi: Nayyar Hayat, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) removed from the post.

PIA CFO Nayyar Hayat dismissed from his post as he refused to pay the lawyers of PIA’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) from company account. According to sources, Nayyar Hayat removed from the post as he refused to give payment to CEO Musharraf Rasool’s lawyers out of PIA’s funds.

A notification is also issued regarding the removal of Nayyar Hayat as PIA CFO. However, he will now serve as the chief of special projects. A PIA Spokesperson revealed that Nayyar will look after the special audit of PIA. However, General Manager (GM) of budget, appointed as the acting Chief Financial Officer.

PIA is in both good and bad news from several years. A few days ago, PIA Engineering and Maintenance department did PIA aircraft refurbishing for its A-320 aircraft. They successfully did the whole HMV for the aircraft. PIA aircraft refurbishing resulted in the saving of million dollars for national airline.

In another incident, PIA staff displayed the great sign of honesty as they returned the purse containing £7,500 and other belongings to passenger. Zahid Shakir left his purse in plane while travelling to London from Lahore. He left for immigration but PIA staff contacted him and handover his belongings to him.


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