NEPRA Suggests Fines on KE: Hints Takeover of Administrative Control


Islamabad: National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has asked to heavily fine the K-Electric over unscheduled and prolonged loadshedding in Karachi.  NEPRA authorities have suggested to the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Cabinet Secretariat to impose a heavy fine on the power utility.

The NEPRA official that briefed the committee told them that people of Karachi pay bills of up to Rs.10 billion monthly but they still have to face prolonged of loadshedding up to 12 hours a day. A fine of Rs.6m should be imposed on KE in one year.

Nepra officials told in the committee meeting that the K-Electric has shut down a production unit of 180 megawatt for the duration of the last five months.  KE is producing 17,500MW of power, and suffering shortfall of 600MW. The committee was told that KE never had a deal of RLNG with any company nor has it signed a contract with SSGC for 220mmcfd gas supply, so blaming the gas company is wrong.

The Nepra authorities also hinted at the idea to take over the administrative control of KE. They urged the KE to run its power plants on furnace oil and sign a proper agreement with SSGC for proper gas supply.


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