Nigeria buys JF-17 jets from Pakistan: ECC


Nigeria buy JF-17 jets from Pakistan as the deal has been finalized.

The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) has approved sovereign guarantee certificate over the sale of three JF-17 jets to Nigeria for a sum of $184.3 million, a local media outlet reported on Tuesday.

Nigeria and Pakistan had recently signed an agreement over the sale of JF-17’s for the Nigerian Air force.

Pakistan had requested the African nation that it would issue a certificate of sovereign guarantee rather than a sovereign bank guarantee.

The guarantee deals with ensuring that the jets and associated equipment would be provided by Pakistan.

JF-17 Thunder jets have been the ace weapon of Pakistan Air force developed with the assistance of China. Since their inclusion in the fleet of Pakistan Air Force, they are acknowledged as the modern age fighter air crafts fulfilling the requirements of Pakistan Air force.

Many countries have shown interest in JF-17 Thunder jets. Currently, Nigeria buy JF-17 jets from Pakistan as ECC approved the sale of three air crafts.


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