No NRO for Corrupt Politicians, PM Imran Khan tells PPP, PML-N


No NRO for Corrupt Politicians, PM Imran Khan tells PPP, PML-N

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan conveyed a message to two of the major opposition parties, whose leaders are well-known for facing corruption claims, that they will not be provided with any NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance). No NRO for corrupt politicians, he said.

The prime minister has vowed to continue to fight against the rising corruption which claims that Pakistan Peoples Party and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz were planning to get an NRO.

He also stated that his government will not provide any political part with a NRO.

“If these two parties want to take to streets, then they should go ahead with it,” Khan said.

“Get this loud and clear, there will be no NRO. I will not spare any corrupt individual,” he added.

The prime minister highlighted the fact that billions of rupees were found in the fake account of an ice-cream vendor.

“Where is this coming from? How will we return the loans?” he said. “Do what you want, I am again stating that everyone will be held accountable. We have not yet registered any case against anyone, but efforts are being made to blackmail us.”

He said the assistance provided by Saudi Arabia has lessened the financial burden on Pakistan, adding that they were thankful to Riyadh for helping them in a difficult time.

The prime minister also said, “We were trying to get loans from our friendly nations so we rely less and less on IMF. We are also in talks with other friendly countries.”

He said he that is hoping to give the residents of pakistan more good news in the upcoming days.


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