Nomination Papers for By-elections Will be Received from Today


Nomination papers of candidates for by-elections on the vacant National Assembly and provincial assembly seats will be received from today.

By-elections will be held across the country, in accordance to the announced schedule of Election Commission of Pakistan on October 14.

According to the ECP, nomination papers for by-elections can be submitted from August 28 to 30. An initial list of the nominated candidates will be published on August 31.

Review of the nomination papers filed with the Election Commission will be conducted until September 4.

Another list of nominated candidates will be published on September 14 after the process of review. Candidates will be able to withdraw their nominations till the deadline of September 15.

The final list of the nominated candidates will be announced on September 16, along with their respective electoral symbols.

By-elections are set to take place on 11 national assembly and 26 provincial assembly seats which are vacant.

Among the seats where by-elections are to take place include NA-35, NA-53, NA-60, NA-63, NA-65, NA-69, NA-103, NA-124, NA-131 and NA-243.

Provincial assembly seats where by-elections will take place include Punjab Assembly seats PP-3, PP-27, PP-87, PP-103, PP-118, PP-164, PP-165, PP-201, PP-222, PP-261, PP-272, PP-292 and PP-296.

In Balochistan by-elections will be held on PB-35 and PB-40 whereas in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa by-elections will be held on PK-3, PK-7, PK-44, PK-53, PK-61, PK-64, PK-78, PK-97 and PK-99.

Sindh assembly seats include PS-30 and PS-87 where by-elections will take place.


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