Nawaz Sharif: Not At War With Imran and Zardari But In War With Aliens


SADIQABAD: While addressing crowd in PML-N gathering, Nawaz Sharif said he is not in war with either Imran Khan or Zardari, but with Aliens instead. He said that Imran Khan and Zardari are no match for his party and him.

While talking to the crowd at a PML-N gathering in Sadiqabad city, Nawaz Sharif said that Imran Khan is not a match for him. He also said that even Zardari is not a match for him, and they both are no competition for him and the party. He said he is not competing with Imran or Zardari, as they are not a match for him, but with Aliens or outside forces.

While mentioning his services, he told that it was because of his actions that Karachi and Baluchistan became peaceful. He said that he has connected all the cities together with a motorway, from Peshawar to Islamabad to Lahore to Multan. He said soon enough people from Multan could travel to Islamabad and Karachi if they wanted to without problems.

Nawaz Sharif then mentioned of all the projects he had initiated, saying CPEC initiated because of his hard work. He said that Shehbaz Sharif has toiled day and night for the people of this city. Adding that roads were built from farms to farmer markets for convenience of farmers. IT university was built and medical college as well as a school for the people of Sadiqabad, said former Prime Minister.

He criticized court’s decision for disqualifying him and said, its because of all good I did that they ousted me. Nawaz Sharif said that during his time in office the country was in development. He said that court’s decision to take him out of the office was unfair and unjust. If he was not ousted then many more projects would have been started and finished by now.


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