Not Politicizing NAB and Targeting Any Party: NAB Chief


ISLAMABAD: NAB Chairman, Justice (r) Javed Iqbal has said that NAB is not targeting any single party, rejecting accusations of PML-N.

The NAB chairman told local news outlet that the accusation that he is targeting any single party is false. He said that he is not politicizing NAB and actions of the bureau do not have any political agenda.

The accusations come from Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, who claim that NAB is targeting their party. National Accountability Bureau has been probing into corruption of Sharif Family and has filed references against them. The references come after Supreme Court directed them to do so after Panama papers’ leaks.

Talking to the media, Javed Iqbal said that being the head of the bureau he has never disregarded the law. He said that the bureau lives to serve the people and fight corruption, it does not matter what party is in power. Javed Iqbal said he thinks nothing can stop the accountability bureau from fighting corruption.

Answering the question about people who do not appear after summons, he said NAB notice isn’t a party invite. He added that NAB issues a notice it means one must appear before it and the bureau makes sure of it.

He added we issue notices in accord with Law, and other must follow it or we will make them. National Accountability Bureau Chief said that the anti-corruption body was working before elections will work after it too.

He also clarified and rejected speculation regarding the bureau only being active in Punjab. He said that wherever there is corruption the anti-corruption body will act. Justice (r) Javed Iqbal further added its not a sin to question corruption.


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