Notices Issued To NEPRA and K-Electric Over Contempt of Court


KARACHI: Sindh High Court has served notices of contempt of court to K-Electric and NEPRA.

The notices were served to National Electric Power Regulatory Authority, chief executive officer of K-Electric and others.

The contempt of court case was heard against the power utility company Today. The case noted that even after agreement, the power utility has not increased energy output. That KE is carrying out unjustifiable load shedding in the city even after their agreement in front of court.

The petition further mentions the hesitation to take action of the Power Regulatory Authority. It reads even on orders to probe into the matter, NEPRA will not initiate investigation. The court said it had given authority to NEPRA to take action on KE on 30th of May 2017.

The court has issued orders to both parties to submit clarification to the court on May 30.



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