November 9 Holiday: There will be no off on Iqbal Day, Interior Ministry


There is a bad news for people hoping for long vacation as the government denounced the rumors about the November 9 Holiday.

November 9 Holiday or Iqbal Day holiday will not be a vacation day for the government and private employees. Shehryar Afridi, the Interior Ministry Spokesperson revealed that no notification has been issued in this regard.

He said that the government’s vision is to work 24/7. Shehryar Afridi further added that PM Imran Khan and the federal cabinet have not taken a single day off.

November 9, 1877 is the day of birth of Allama Muhammad Iqbal born in Sialkot. However, the day is acknowledged and celebrated as Iqbal Day.

Allama Iqbal put a great contribution in the acquisition of separate homeland for the sub-continent Muslims. However, he has influenced different key personalities, politicians, and scholars throughout the whole sub-continent.

Last year there has been lot of controversy regarding the November 9 Holiday, how ever, this time government ended all speculations by announcing about November 9 Holiday in advance.


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