NSC Rejects Nawaz Sharif Statement About 2008 Mumbai Attack


ISLAMABAD: The National Security Committee ( NSC ) has unanimously rejected the controversial statement of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif regarding 2008 Mumbai Attacks.

The country’s top civil-military body, NSC, had a meeting presided by Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi. The Meeting was regarding the statement of Nawaz Sharif which states Pakistan’s involvement in Mumbai terror attacks.

The committee has unanimously called the statement of the former premiere as “misleading and incorrect”.

According to a statement put out after the meeting, the body condemned and rejected the statement of the former premier on the November 2008 Mumbai attacks.

The NSC clarified that India is responsible for probe into Mumbai attacks not Pakistan. It said that India didn’t provide any evidence, delaying conclusion of the trial in Pakistan.

The participants said they reject fallacious assertions by Nawaz Sharif, which negated the truth.

The NSC said that India on a number of occasions refused to extend cooperation. They said that they did not provide access to the key suspect behind the attacks. They added that Ajmal Kasab’s hurried execution is the main reason why the case still pending disposal.

The NSC said Pakistan also awaits cooperation from India on the matters of Samjhauta Express and spy Kulbhushan Jadhav.


  1. Pakistanis are being fooled again and again by this man. He has been looting us and now giving anti Pakistan statements. I think Pakistanis should realize this now and should punish this man too.


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