Oath Taking Ceremony for Caretaker CM Balochistan to be Held Today


QUETTA: Alauddin Mari will take oath for the post of caretaker CM Balochistan today.

Alauddin Mari will be taking the oath for caretaker CM Balochistan at Governor House, in Quetta, at around 5:00 PM today, Friday.

The oath is to be administered by Governor of Balochistan in an oath taking ceremony at the Governor house.

He was appointed for the interim post by the Election Commission after the parliamentary meeting could not reach a consensus.

The decision was then handed to Election Commission and after a meeting on Thursday morning, Alauddin Mari’s name was finalized.

Alauddin is from the Mastung district of Balochistan and his name was recommended by the former government.

The meeting of ECP to decide with a name for caretaker CM of Balochistan was chaired by Chief Election Commissioner.

The announcement was made Thursday morning, where a spokesperson for ECP had told the media about their decision.

With this all the provinces have now been appointed a caretaker CM. For Sindh, Fazlur Rehman was chosen by the former government and opposition on consensus. While the decision of other caretaker posts was handed over to the Election Commission.


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