Opposition Parties to Protest Against Budget 2018-19 in Assembly Today


ISLAMABAD: Opposition parties in the National Assembly have decided on protesting against the budget presentation today. The budget of fiscal year 2018-19 is to be presented by Minister Finance, Ismail Miftah.

Ismail Miftah, who was just made the Finance Minister prior to the announcement, has made budget for the whole year. The opposition parties are protesting against the budget of a whole year compared to that of a few months. They demand that budget of only 4 months be presented against that of a whole year till new government is formed.

The opposition is not willing to accept a whole year’s budget when the current government has only a month left. They want the newly formed government after the elections to allocate budgets to project for the whole year instead.

The budget 2018-19 is of 5.5 trillion rupees, in which money will be allocated to new and existing projects. The major opposition parties, PPP and PTI, say that its not right that the government is announcing budget of whole year.

Listen to news related to budget 2018-19 live here:


  1. Not sure, but I thought the same situation with PPP era at the time of election when the PPP Government presented the whole year budget, now they do their part as an opposition with PTI.


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