Ormara Attack: Pakistan lodges protest with Iran for not taking action


Pakistan claims a strong protest with Iran on the killing of 14 passengers who have forcibly offloaded them from their bus on the Makran Coastal Highway known as Ormara Attack.

The terrorist forcibly offloaded the Ormara Attack victims and then killed them. The Foreign Office sent a letter of protest to the Iranian Embassy in Islamabad.

“15-20 terrorists who camouflaged themselves in Frontier Corps (FC) uniform barricaded the road and stopped 3-4 buses travelling from Ormara to Gwadar on the coastal highway at Buzi Top in the dawn of April 18 and on the identification of the passengers, shot dead 14 personnel belonging to the armed forces of Pakistan. BRAS which is the alliance of three Baloch terrorist organisations have claimed responsibility for this terrorist act,” the letter stated.

The letter also added that After the incident, the terrorists who arrived from the border region returned to that area.

The letter also added that Pakistan has shown intelligence in Ormara attack incident.

The killing of 14 innocent people in Iran by a terrorist group is a serious incident and Pakistan will surely protest Pakistan awaits Iran’s response to its request for action against these groups based in Iran, whose locations have been identified by Pakistan a number of times is also written in the letter.


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