Pak Should Revise Old Afghan Policy With New US-aligned One: State Dept official


Pakistan Should Change Old Afghan Policy With New US-aligned One: State Dept official

On Wednesday night, an official from the Department of State said that the US President Donald Trump’s administration will continue to pressure Pakistan until it changes the policy related to peace and stability in Afghanistan.

While speaking during an event at the Wilson Centre, the Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Pakistan for the State Department, Henry Ensher said that the efforts to bring stability and peace in Afghanistan were important. He also added that Pakistan needed to change the current policy with its neighboring country.

Ensher also added, “As long as that continues, we will continue to colour and take centre stage in [the] bilateral relationship.”

“In reality, we have seen some action but we have not seen the decisive steps from Pakistan that could demonstrate commitment, ensuring their territory cannot be used by the Taliban, the Haqqani Network, and other groups that were so violent and bring instability in the region,” he further said.

However, he also mentioned that the country’s new PTI-led government, has the change to fix its relations with other countries.

“Doing so will enable more mutually beneficial relationship,” he noted, stressing on the fact that the country needs to take some actions regarding this.

“A future course of our relationship, and indeed the trajectory of Pakistan’s development, rest in the hands of Pakistani leaders,” he revealed.

The official even agreed that the Trump administration was willing to put pressure on the country, if necessary.

“We will continue to do so in South Asia as well as elsewhere, but it should not disguise the fact that we genuinely believe that a shift in Pakistan policy in aligning with our strategy is very much in Pakistan’s own interests as well,” he said.

However, he did appreciate Pakistan’s support for ending the conflict through a negotiable settlement with the Taliban.


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