Pakistan adopts IMF system to ensure the transparency on economic data


Pakistan now implemented the recommendation of International Monetary Fund or IMF system. However, the system is known as the enhanced General Data Dissemination System or e-GDDS.

Pakistan adopts IMF system named e-GDDS by publishing data via NSDP or National Summary Data Page. The IMF press release revealed the news.

However, in 2015, IMF developed e-GDDS to support the enhanced data transparency. On the other side, it encourages the statistical development and also creates synergies between surveillance and data dissemination.

However, NSDP is the national data portal that is a one stop publication vehicle for the macroeconomic data on the government operations and debt, balance of payments, national accounts, essential macroeconomic data on national accounts, monetary and financial sector, among others.

Pakistan’s Bureau of Statistics hosted NSDP that utilizes Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange. In addition, a link to Pakistan’s NSDP is available on IMF Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board. It contains links to statistics that are published by State Bank of Pakistan, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, and Ministry of Finance.


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