Pakistan Condemns Martyring 14 Innocent Kashmiris by Indian Army


ISLAMABAD: Brutalities of Indian armed forces continue in Indian occupied Kashmir, as 14 people have been martyred in just a few days since May 5. Pakistan Foreign Office has strongly condemned showing solidarity with Kashmiri brethren in these harsh times.

The Pakistani foreign office has issued an official statement, condemning the ongoing brutalities in the Indian occupied Kashmir. It states that Pakistan extends deepest sympathies to the families of the fallen Kashmiri people. We pray and mourn for the loss of these families who are in saddened over the loss of their loved ones. These brutal killings is yet another reminder of the inhumane acts of the Indian armed forces in Kashmir.

The statement said the of Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir continue to endure uncountable sufferings while facing gross and systematic violations of their human rights — in form of torture, rape, cordon-and-search operations, use of pellet guns, and extra-judicial killings.

The statement added that the Kashmiris who are defenceless and unarmed, stage peaceful protests to highlight the injustices they go through. But those protests are quelled by the pellets, bullets and batons of the armed forces. The participation of masses of Kashmiris in the funerals of their brethren just shows their unity against the persecution.

The Kashmiris are steadfast and resilient against the inhumane acts of violence by the Indian forces since 70 years of history and their will does not waver still. The people have demonstrated time and time again the inhumane and brutal acts of the armed forces are nothing against the Kashmiri people’s wills.

The statement read that India can no longer paint their actions as a defense against terrorists. These innocent and unarmed people whom they claim terrorists are no longer unnoticed and Pakistan will keep raising this issue time and time again in front of every international forum available. Pakistan also welcomes the act of condemning by the OIC leaders and countries. Pakistan will not let any international forum meeting go without mentioning the gruesome actions of Indian forces against pure heart and innocent Kashmiris.


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