Pakistan Election 2018: Independent Candidate laid on Garbage for Votes


An independent candidate, Ayaz Memon Moti Wala opt an amazing approach for the Pakistan Election 2018.

The fever of Pakistan Election 2018 is rising and its color is visible everywhere, while the election candidates are coming to the field with the new slogans in order to attract more voters. However, an independent candidate from Karachi raised the issue in a creative way.

The most important issue of Mega City Karachi, which is being said, is the piles of waste and the old system of sewerage drainage. However, Ayaz Memon Moti Wala highlighted the issue in such a manner that he became poular on the social media.

Candidates from Aam Admi Party Pakistan are also contesting General Election 2018 from Pakistan. However, they are also highlighting diferent issues of Karachi such as water crisis, water drainage, etc.

Ayaz Memon Moti Wala shared a video on social media in which he is lying on the sewerage water. In another image, he is sitting on a garbage pile.

People are expressing different opinion on his move. Some are appreciating him while others are considering it a move to get more votes in Pakistan Election 2018.


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