Pakistan Election 2018: Police opened criminal cases against PMLN workers


According to sources, Police opened the criminal cases against PMLN workers.

Police opened criminal cases against PMLN workers for breaking rules and regulations of Pakistan Election 2018. However, Cases were opened against 16,868 Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) workers. In addition, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) workers will also face cases. However, 39 workers will face cases registered against them. Police additionally said 270 individuals had been captured, however it didn’t state which political party they had a place with.

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said it was worried in regards to the authenticity of the decision. The case identifies with a walk organized by the PML-N on July 13, when Sharif came back to Pakistan.

Police confined individuals from the PMLN in Lahore a week ago in front of a rally by a large number of supporters inviting home Sharif, who was captured after arriving in the focal city on Friday evening. The crackdown on laborers made harder for the gathering’s specialists to organize energizes on Sharif’s arrival.

A progression of conflicts broke out at the primary parkway section point to Lahore between professional Sharif nonconformists and police who had been sent in their thousand. Shehbaz Sharif led thousands of supporters amid a walk on the downtown area in rebellion of a citywide prohibition on the gathering of people


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