Pakistan Election 2018: Sheikh Rasheed prepared Roti to convince voter


Rawalpindi: Sheikh Rasheed prepared Roti during his political tour for Pakistan Election 2018.

Sheikh Rasheed was touring a market during his political campaign for Pakistan Election 2018. However, a voter asked him that what AML leader could do for him. However, the famous political leader said that he can make a roti (round bread) for him. He later prepared it for the voter from his own hands.

Sheikh Rasheed started his political campaign at the start of this year on motorcycle. He also said that he is thinking to replace his Pakistan Election 2018 electoral symbol with motorcycle. However, he is contesting General Election 2018 from NA-60 and NA-62 Rawalpindi.

Candidates are displaying creativity

Ayaz Memon Motiwala, an independent candidate from NA-243 Karachi is gaining a lot of attention on social media. The most important issue of Mega City Karachi, which is being said, is the piles of waste and the old system of sewerage drainage. However, Ayaz Memon highlighted the issue in such a manner that he became popular on the social media. He shared a video on social media in which he is lying on the sewerage water. In another image, he is sitting on a garbage pile.

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Senior PPP leader Khursheed Shah also launched his political campaign while riding a motorcycle in Panu Aqil. However, he is contesting elections from NA-206 Sukkur.

Dr Arif Alvi from PTI drove rickshaw for his political campaign. He is contesting elections from NA-247 Karachi along with other heavyweights.


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