Pakistan Elections 2018: ECP Issued Guidelines for Foreign Observers


ECP or Election Commission of Pakistan revealed the 14 point code of conduct for foreign observers for Pakistan Elections 2018.

ECP issued the 14 point code of conduct for Pakistan Elections 2018 so foreign observers can appropriately cover the elections. According to latest ECP rules, nobody would be allowed to cover elections until unless he/she displayed the accreditation card.

Official are required to show their official ID identifications issued by ECP. Whereas, they must present it to election authorities and other security authorities when asked. Observers bound to regard power of Pakistan and also principal rights and freedom of people.

Observers required to keep up great conduct, regard others including showing affectability for culture and traditions of the nation and should display the professional behavior. They bound to cling to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and regard the ECP’s rule.

Observers are required to take after directions issued by the ECP and state experts including security authorities and expected to show an appropriate attitude. They should not lead or take an interest in any movement that may produce an impression of favoring or contradicting any candidate or political party.

Political unprejudiced nature might be kept up by observers no matter what while watching the decision procedure. They should not display any inclination or inclination with respect to neighborhood specialists, applicants and political parties and in addition any issue identified with the procedure of election.

Observers can ask any inquiry and to clear any question however they won’t impede specifically or by implication decisions process. They should guarantee that every one of their perceptions are unprejudiced, objective and delineate most astounding accuracy standards.

Observers should not mention individual remarks about their objective fact or conclusion on the decision procedure to the media. They are required to guarantee that lone their assigned people give remark about the process of election.


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