ECP to Accept Nomination Papers from Today After SC Negates LHC Verdict


LAHORE: Returning Officers from ECP will accept nomination papers of candidates after Supreme Court overrules LHC verdict invalidating amendments.

Supreme Court overruled the verdict of LHC that made the parliamentary amendments to the nomination papers invalid. After which ECP has issued notice to ROs to start receiving nomination papers from candidates.

Earlier on LHC had asked Election Commission to prepare new nomination papers that follow the Constitution and Election Act. The court ordered ECP to again add the requirements of Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution in the papers.

ECP has said that it has stopped its ROs from taking in the nomination papers of candidates. The ECP had scheduled to start receiving nomination papers from the 2nd till 6th of June.

However; on Sunday, Supreme Court nullified the verdict of Lahore High Court regarding the papers.

The General Elections 2018 have been recommended to be held on July 25 by ECP and approved by the President.

On Thursday, the Election Commission also announced the schedule for candidates to file nomination papers. The papers can be submitted from 4th to 8th of June now, nomination papers will be scrutinized by June 14. After which ROs will publish list of candidates.

Appeals can be started to in favor or against the nominations by ROs can be filed till June 19.

After which the Appellate Tribunals will listen to hearings till the 26th of June and ROs will publish the list of candidates again on June 27th.

Candidates will have till June 28th to withdraw their nominations from the elections. After which on 29th June the final list of candidates will be published along with their electoral symbols.


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