Pakistan Elections 2018: PML-N Election 2018 Seats / Results Prediction


Pakistan Elections 2018 is fast approaching. Nation is ready to witness the most awaited electoral polls scheduled on 25th July 2018.

Pakistan Muslim League (N) is regarded as one of the most powerful conservative party in Pakistan. The party was recently in power until interim government took over for the upcoming elections 2018. PML (N) was led by the thrice-elected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. He was disqualified recently on charges of corruption by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in 2017. The party’s manifesto is generally involves supporting free market capitalism, building a strong national defense, and opposing trade and labor unions.

PML(N)’s Current Turmoil and Elections 2018

The corruption cases on Sharif family namely Avenfield, Azizia Sugar mills were being trailed in Supreme court of Pakistan since past year. Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz received long term imprisonment verdict in Avenfield case already. Both father daughter duo are currently serving their jail term in Adiala jail.

This is certainly the first time in the history that a sitting Prime Minister of the country has been trialed for corruption.

Certainly this has given a 360 degree shift in the political career of PM L N. The party workers and leaders have been criticizing the establishment and judiciary for the verdict on Nawaz and Maryam. PTI being their strongest opponent has been revolting against the corrupt government of Nawaz Sharif since the claims of rigging the 2013 elections proven to be true.

No wonder, PTI being the strongest opposition has been the main driving force that urged judiciary to open corruption cases and set up an inquiry against the Sharif family and PML (N) government.

National Accountability Bureau has an affirmative role in the investigation of corruption against powerful political forces of Pakistan. Not just the Sharif family, but their ministers and leaders have been convicted in various cases. Former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has already been issued red warrant by SC to appear before court. Recently, NA-60 candidate Hanif Abbasi has been convicted in Ephedrine Quota case and is given life imprisonment.

These circumstances will surely affect the voter’s behavior in upcoming Elections 2018. PML (N) might suffer a loss of huge vote bank and popularity among masses. This might benefit PTI in elections.

Election 2018 Result Prediction

PTI: 90 NA seats

PMLN: 90 NA seats

PPP: 28 NA seats

MQM: 6-8 NA seats

MMA: 20+ NA seats


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