Pakistan Elections 2018: PTI Election 2018 Seats / Results Prediction

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf has emerged as a strongest political party of Pakistan since past 3 years.

Election 2018 is expected to be a game changing factor for PTI politics.

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf led by Imran Khan is currently on the driving seat as the Elections 2018 is just two days away. Having set the record of holding most Jalsas across the country, PTI has struck the right chords by delivering its election manifesto to the nation.

It is due to the campaign of PTI that diverted the nations attention on the corruption of Sharif family and PML (N) leaders.

Recently, a Switzerland-based multinational investment bank has published a report in which it has predicted that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) will win the electoral polls 2018.

Credit Suisse, in its detailed report Pakistan Market Strategy, has given the details of the Pakistan Elections 2018 scenarios and possibility of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf forming a government through coalition and alliance.

Here are the PTI Election 2018 Seats / Results Prediction scenarios:

PTI-led coalition with MQM, PSP and others parties

According to the report, PTI will win 92 seats (34%) in the National Assembly and eye for a (60%) probability of the party to form a coalition government. PTI-led coalition government is expected to improve investment flows due to the likelihood of tax reforms, curbing SOE losses and plugging energy sector loopholes.

Credit Suisse also predicts market to boost by 8-10 percent post elections. The report also states that PTI would need to take concrete measures on taxation and institutional reforms in the first 100 days of its tenure, to maintain the confidence of markets.

PTI-led setup with PPP, MQM, PSP and others

In this scenario, PTI chairman Imran Khan may have to look towards the Pakistan Peoples Party to shore up the numbers, but possibility for this to happen is as low as 15%. This would be negative for the economy as it will lead to unclear economic policies, questions on sustainability of coalition and compromises on tax reforms and privatization.

Ainy Ather
Ainy Ather
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