Pakistan has Achieved Major Gains against Terrorism: Maleeha Lodhi


Dr. Maleeha Lodhi, Pakistan’s representative to the United Nation has said that Pakistan has achieved major gains against terrorism.

She emphasized that international cooperation is required to eliminate the curse of terrorism across the world.

Dr. Maleeha Lodhi while addressing the general assembly high level conference of heads of counter-terrorism agencies said that these gains have come at a high human and financial price. However, this has not stopped Pakistan to fight for it.

Maleeha Lodhi also said that the largest anti-terrorism operation was carried out by Pakistan with the assistance of over 200,000 armed forces.

However, Pakistan’s Counter Terrorism strategy has involved more than just military means.

The Pakistani ambassador also said, no country can fight the threat of terrorism alone.

She further added that fight against terror largely depends upon strengthening regional and international cooperation.  Pakistan took the lead in the region, and organized the first Islamabad International Counter-Terrorism Forum in April 2018.

Maleeha Lodhi also said, “Terrorism and extremism remain among today’s biggest security challenges, feeding off instability in many parts of the world and also fueling it.”

She also added that threats posed by terrorist groups challenge national borders. Global security challenge prevails which no country can tackle on its own.


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