Pakistani driving license going to become valid in UAE


There is good news for Pakistanis as the Pakistani driving license is going to become valid in the United Arab Emirates.

Regarding the Pakistani driving license, Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Services, Murad Saeed revealed that the team will go Dubai to sign MoU related to the acceptance of Pakistani driving licenses in the Gulf region.

During the launching ceremony of National Highway Authority e-billing system, Murad Saeed said that the authority will be established for that purpose with offices all across Pakistan.

Murad Saeed further revealed UAE also signed a similar MoU with another country that is the reason why Pakistan is planning to do the same considering it will enhance job opportunities for Pakistanis.

Discussing about the steps taken towards ensuring accountability and transparency in NHA, the e-billing system will be utilized for the 1st time to clear payments that worth billions. He further said that all the relevant details of NHA employees including assets, postings, transfers, service history, will be made public through the website. As per the federal minister, the system is developed utilizing NHA’s own expertise and resources.


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