Peshawar and Surrounding Areas Without Electricity Since 14 Hours


PESHAWAR: A power outage in Peshawar, Nowshera, Mardan and other cities of KP for more than 14 hours has citizens on protest.

Citizens have been under sever inconvenience due to the power outage, specially since they have to fast in Ramadan. A lot of areas of KP surrounding Peshawar, like Nowshera and Mardan have also been affected by the power cut.

Citizens of the areas came out of their houses to protest against the power outage.

During the demonstrations, people even vented out their anger by setting fire to tires on roads. They had also blocked off many roads which had resulted in police to intervene.

During the demonstrations the citizens pelted the police with stones during which an officer had also become injured. The injured officer was quickly taken to the hospital while the protests carried on.

The protests finally broke off when the security forces had used tear gas to disperse the situation which was escalating.

Peshawar Electric Supply Corporation (PESCO) had blamed the illegal connections for the power outages. They claimed that the load shedding has not been increased from their side but the kundas (Illegal Connections) were a problem.


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