Petition Filed in Indian Court Against Hoisting Green Flags by Muslims


A petition has been filed in the Indian Supreme Court seeking a ban on hoisting of green flags with crescent and star by the Muslim community.

This is due to its resemblance with Pakistan flag.

Hearing the petition, the Supreme Court required the Indian government’s response after it was assumed that it was not a symbol of Islam; but resembled the Pakistan flag and also of the Pakistan Muslim League, a political party that assisted in laying foundation of Pakistan.

The petition was filed by an activist from the Uttar Pradesh.

The Supreme Court bench asked the petitioner to hand over a copy of the petition to additional solicitor general and asked for Indian government’s stance on the issue.

The petition by Syed Waseem Rizvi says,

“Indian Muslims are wrongly treating it as the Islamic flag and are hoisting it in Muslim dominated areas. It is further relevant to state that the crescent and star in a green backdrop have never been a part of any Islamic practice and it does not have any role or significance in Islam.”

The petitioner also claimed the green flag owed its origin to the previous Muslim League party founded by founder of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

“The hoisting of the Pakistani or Pakistani political party’s identical flags in our country on celebratory occasions of Muslims or even otherwise distances them from the religious majority which rightly looks at such acts as anti-national and communal,” the petition said.


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