Petrol Price in Pakistan: Petroleum Ministry suggests Rs 7 per liter increase


Petrol Price in Pakistan

The petrol price in Pakistan is expected to increase by Rs 7 per liter. According to reports, the Petroleum Ministry recommended a raise in petroleum prices by up to Rs 9.5 per liter for the month of August. The

It is noted that the said ministry proposed the raise of Rs 7 per liter in the petrol price, Rs6.21 in light diesel oil (LDO) prices, Rs 9.5 in diesel price, and Rs 6 in Kerosene. However, these changes will apply if government approves new rates.

In case of approval, the petrol price will be increased from Rs 100.1 to Rs 107.1 per liter, LDO price will be increased from the current Rs 55.98 to Rs 62.19 per liter, price of diesel will go up from Rs 101.46 to Rs 110.96 per liter and kerosene oil price in Pakistan will be reached at Rs 62.06 from Rs 59.06.


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