Photos of Female KP ANF Officers Go Viral On Social Media


People are Loving These Photos of Female KP ANF Officers, Post Goes Viral On Social Media

On Wednesday, the photos of some ‘badass’ female officers of Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) became popular within just two hours of getting uploaded on Facebook. Due to their presentation and impact, many people are praising these women for their high-profile photos.

The pictures, which are described to look like a scene coming out of a Hollywood movie, were actually taken during a drug burning ceremony in the military area located in Peshawar.

Along with officer Rafia Baig, other colleagues also took these incredible pictures as part of a social media campaign to show how the 4th industrial revolution is driven by perceptions. They also highlighted how social media platforms such as Facebook is playing an important role in creating these perceptions and breaking stereotypes within teenagers, adults, and children.

The photos were shared by Saad Hamid, the caption stated: “These were taken for an ongoing project Ideas for Impact called ‘Police Awaam Saath Saath’ in which we are training the police personnel all across Pakistan on how to make effective use of social media to showcase their work and use it as a medium for better communication, listening and service delivery.”


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