PIA BulkHead Seats: Passengers can now travel with extra space and legroom


The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is now offering luxurious seats with extra legroom for a minor addition in fares.

This was announced by the national flag carrier in a Facebook post that PIA will have bulkhead seats and legroom with extra space.

“Sit back, relax, stretch your legs & enjoy the extra legroom in our bulkhead seats by paying a nominal fee,” the post said.

The cost of the seat may vary depending on the location you are travelling to. You can avail this luxurious seating by paying just Rs. 5,000 if you are going to the US, Rs. 3,000 for London and Europe, Rs. 2,000 for Gulf countries and Rs. 1,000 for travelling anywhere in Pakistan.

PIA booking offices are offering the facility of PIA bulkhead seats. However, the airline will soon introduce booking of the bulkhead seats on its web portal as well.

The state-owned airline is striving hard under the new leadership to bring PIA back among the top international airlines.

Their honest efforts to implement the recently approved, well-thought five-year plan has started to yield results as PIA reached the break-even point in operational costs for the first time in several years.


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