PIA Plane Skids Off Runway While Landing at Panjgur Airport


PIA plane skids off runway during landing at Panjgur airport on Saturday morning.

A Pakistan International Airlines flight from Karachi veered off the runway during landing.

The flight, PK-517, from Karachi skid off the runway as soon as it touched ground at Panjgur airport.

Airport officials said the incident occurred when one of the tyres of the flight PK-517 which came from Karachi burst during landing.

The pilot lost control of the aircraft and it came to a halt  on the soft ground.

Passengers were shifted to the terminal safely and no one was hurt in the PIA plane skids off incident.

All passengers remained unhurt during the incident and were disembarked safely from the plane.

It was not immediately known whether the  operations at the airport were suspended following the incident or the plane was pulled back on the runway.

Panjgur Airport is a domestic and partially International airport, located in Baluchistan province  in Pakistan’s southwest.


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