PIA Staff at Heathrow Airport returned £7,500 cash to passenger


Pakistan International Airlines or PIA staff returned the huge amount of £7,500 to passenger who forgot it in the plane.

PIA staff displayed the great sign of honesty as they returned the purse containing £7,500 and other belongings to passenger. Zahid Shakir left his purse in plane while travelling to London from Lahore. He left for immigration but PIA staff contacted him and handover his belongings to him.

The cash was initially handed over to the PIA station manager, Sajid Ullah Khan. Later, the PIA station manager confirmed that the cash was returned to the passenger Zahid Shakir.

Sajid Ullah Khan revealed that they managed contact with the passenger and returned him the cash. He said that passenger became delighted and thanked PIA for being honest. He further added that they often get mentioned negatively but it’s important to project that their staff is hard working and honest.


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